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Why You Need 3D Animation For Your Product Demos

3d animation laptop product demo

Wondering how 3D animation can elevate your product demos? As opposed to 2D animation, 3D animation adds realistic depth to your visuals. You might then ask: If we’re talking about realism, can’t we just stick to live product demos?

Well, think of 3D animation as a way to enhance reality. It recreates realistic physical properties while visualising things that may not be possible in real life. For example, imagine if you wanted to show the inner workings of a complicated machine. It would be a nightmare to dismantle the entire thing, and expensive too!

For maximum realism, consider working with a 3D Singapore motion graphics and animation studio! Also used in Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) marketing, 3D animation is an immersive way of marketing to your audience.

Not convinced? Here are more reasons why you need 3D animation for your product demos!

Maximum Realism For Maximum Immersion

3d animation shoe product
Instead of making product demos the corporate version of a show-and-tell, immerse your audience! Use 3D animation to show your audience how it works instead of telling them.

By using a 360° view, you get to show off your product in various angles that may not be possible on a live shoot. Let your audience be privy to the inner workings of your product by animating how the inner gears and mechanisms interact. This would also be the perfect solution for explaining how complex equipment works.

What if you’re marketing an intangible product? Even better! 3D animation lets audiences envision your concepts with realistic imagery, helping them understand the services you’re providing.

Of course, we are by no means discrediting live action shooting as it definitely has its use cases. For example, if you’re looking to create a straightforward corporate interview video, hiring a Singapore corporate video production company makes more sense versus hiring an animation studio.

Simplify Complex Ideas

3D animation is a much more entertaining way of conveying your ideas to your audience. Even in B2B marketing, complex industrial ideas can be hard to understand. Make things easier for everyone by incorporating 3D animation!

With a realistic visual representation, viewers are more likely to understand your ideas. You also get to bypass the limits of a live product demonstration by breaking down real-time processes into simple, straightforward scenes.

Though it’s good to show your brand’s expertise in the field, having a product demo that’s easy to understand shows consumers how intuitive your product is! This helps to improve your brand image and credibility.

Retain Attention

The best way to retain your viewer’s attention? Give them something they want to watch!

3D animation is not only visually satisfying – it’s also entertaining. If you’re posting your product demo on social media, just think about the steep levels of competition you’re facing! 3D animation helps your product demo stand out and compels your audience to keep watching.

This sleek 3D animated product feature for the BASF Infinergy Dress Shoes is uniquely eye-catching. It immediately draws your attention to the shoes. Sharp and powerful – this product demo highlights the features of the shoes perfectly. Bonus? It’s so satisfying to watch!

Besides looking good, animated videos have also been proven to improve customer engagement, lead generation and conversion rates.

Boost Brand Recall

With 3D animation, you get to unleash your creativity. It forces you to present your product in a new and innovative way, which helps to position your product uniquely. High quality animation will also make your product demos visually appealing, creating a stronger impression on viewers.

When brand recall is strong, consumers will have greater awareness of your product, boosting sales in the long run. Having a unique product demo also increases its shareability, improving social media engagement and brand visibility!

Time And Cost-Efficient

3d time and cost efficient

3D animation may seem unaffordable at first, but in reality, it is quite cost-effective. Compared to the costs of a live action shoot, animated videos are a lot more cost-efficient.

A live video would incur costs for renting locations, studios, hiring actors and a production crew, not to mention the time and energy needed to put a production shoot into motion – from scouting for locations to liaising with the production team.

In comparison, you’d really only need a team of animators and editors for an animated video. Animated videos also tend to age better. Unlike live videos, they don’t reflect a specific time period or place. This means that your animated videos have a long shelf life, and you’ll be getting more bang for your buck! In the event it does require some freshening up, you can simply edit the footage and re-export it again.

Having 3D assets also saves plenty of time, as you can use them as a base for future projects (if needed). You won’t need to start from scratch, as existing 3D assets can be updated and modified for future use, ensuring visual consistency and versatility for adaptations.

Let Us Help You Out!

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