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Awards & Partnerships

NDP Principal Partner 2016

NDP Principal Partner 2016, 2017, Co-Partner 2019

CraveFX has a long-running commitment to the nation and has contributed to the visual spectacle that is the National Day Parade for the past few years.

Best Innovation Award

OCBC Emerging Enterprise Awards — Best Innovation 2016

Recognises emerging enterprises with a strong culture of innovation. These are businesses that seek creative solutions to persistent problems, innovate to carve out new markets for themselves, or embrace technology to transform their businesses.


Channel 8 Frontline

14 June 2019 (from 11:30 onwards)

One of the longest-running award-winning Chinese language current affairs programme in Singapore with more than 3 decades of history.

Watch Feature

3D World Magazine Feature

28th Nov 2018

Monthly Magazine, found in 2000, circulates in the UK, US & Europe.

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InCG Magazine Issue 35

29th May 2018

Computer Graphics Magzine with readership primarily in Hong Kong and Taiwan.

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Business Times Feature

25th Aug 2016

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