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Occluding the Real World With Virtual Reality

Prior to the emergence of Augmented Reality, virtual reality was the Next Big Thing. It began as a medium for mass-market entertainment, but it has since evolved and is now used in a variety of applications. This ranges from realistic training simulations for individuals in high-risk environments to hyperreal 360-degree advertisements designed for captive audiences.

As an experienced company in Singapore’s fledgling Virtual Reality industry, CraveFX is more than capable of providing you with a superlatively immersive visual experience through our unique brand of storytelling.

Engage Audiences in Singapore and Beyond with Augmented Reality

Think of Augmented Reality (AR) as Virtual Reality’s sociable cousin. If virtual reality (VR) requires completely shutting out the real world in favour of simulated experiences, AR allows you to blur the lines between the real and the digital.

Clearly, both solutions have their own merits and downsides, and CraveFX is more than happy to offer you a choice of both.

Augmented Reality Singapore
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Living The Augmented Reality Experience

But let’s say your requirements are a little less demanding. All you want is to project your digital avatar onto a household object, or even make a video play on a table or a plate. If that’s the case, we’ve also got you covered.

Augmented reality is an interactive experience which retains the existing environment while altering it with the superimposition of digital elements. This enhances the user experience. Unlike virtual reality, which demands additional equipment such as the much-vaunted Oculus Rift, augmented reality does not require additional tools beyond your smartphone. It’s also supported by lots of applications in the App Store/Google Play!

This means you can easily watch your favourite characters or objects come to life through the lenses on your smartphone’s camera.

Using computer-generated perceptual information to bring together touch, hearing and sight, CraveFX makes every effort to convincingly blur the lines between the real and the digital.

Prepare yourself for a sensory experience unlike any other – dive into a spectacular virtual reality or augmented reality adventure with CraveFX!

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To discover how we can help innovate your business or organisation and take you to the forefront of augmented visual technology in Singapore and abroad, contact us today and one of our experienced team members will provide you with more information.

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