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Top 10 Motion Graphics Companies in Singapore (2024)

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Motion graphics uses animated graphic design elements to create attention-grabbing and engaging content. There are different types of motion graphics but they all usually involve animating text and visuals to spice up videos, digital advertisements and websites.

Good motion graphics requires skilled animators – consider working with a Singapore animation and motion graphics studio or one of the top 10 animation studios in Singapore!

List of Top 10 Motion Graphics Companies in Singapore:

1. CraveFX
2. Big 3 Media
3. Gram Videos
4. Zeetrope Productions
5. Carbon Moves
6. Editlounge
7. Superpixel
8. 2 BY 4 POST
9. Offset
10. Untitled Project

Our criteria when working with a motion graphics company

Portfolio and Expertise: A diverse portfolio that spans across different styles and mediums is a testament to a motion graphics studio’s versatility. Our list features experienced companies who have worked with a wide range of clients from various industries.

Work Quality: The motion graphics produced by these studios are top-notch, featuring fluid animations and crisp, vibrant visuals. Check out their client testimonials for a deeper insight into their expertise and working styles.

Creativity and Innovation: It’s crucial for motion graphics companies to be able to offer fresh ideas to help your content stand out. This is why we’ve selected studios that are known both for their creative projects as well as their use of innovative technologies.

1. CraveFX

CraveFX is one of the top animation and motion graphics studios in Singapore, having won the prestigious 2023 Best In Show award at SIGGRAPH Asia Computer Animation Festival in Sydney. Their collaboration with NTU for the animated short film “Moirai – Thread of Life” was the first Singapore-based production to win the award since SIGGRAPH Asia’s inception in 2008.

The studio is best known for its 3D animation and motion graphics projects, but CraveFX’s diverse portfolio also includes interactive digital experiences, large-scale installations, and visual effects work for broadcast TV. Committed to staying up-to-date with the latest in production technology, CraveFX also embraces and explores advanced techniques like real-time motion tracking to meet all kinds of creative briefs and create world-class content.

2. Big 3 Media

Founded in 2008, Big 3 Media is now a prominent player in film and corporate video production. Comprising a team of seasoned professionals, Big 3 Media’s animation expertise lie in motion graphics, 2D and 3D animation and animated explainer videos. Beyond motion graphics, Big 3 Media also produces corporate videos, commercials, and event videos.

They have a diverse range of B2B and B2C clientele hailing from healthcare, education, and finance. Noteworthy clients in their portfolio include industry giants like Nike, P&G, and Grab.

3. Gram Videos

Gram Videos

Gram Videos stands out in Singapore’s animation scene, having evolved from humble beginnings in 2014 to become a reputable company in the animation industry today. Specialising in compelling motion graphics, Gram Videos simplifies complex information through services like 2D and 3D animation, corporate videos, educational videos, explainer videos, and more. Their approach centres on crafting clear and memorable visuals to effectively engage audiences. Some of their top clients include Google, DBS and Johnson & Johnson.

4. Zeetrope Productions

Zeetrope motion graphics company

Positioning themselves as a one-stop film and animation company in Singapore, Zeetrope Productions delivers high quality motion graphics, visual effects and animated videos. They are dedicated to delivering top quality work that translates complex ideas into simple stories that are visually stunning.

Zeetrope caters to a broad spectrum of industries, tailoring their content to various demographics. Their portfolio serves as a testament to their diverse capabilities, demonstrating their adeptness in handling a wide range of animation needs.

5. Carbon Moves

Carbon Moves motion graphics company in Singapore

Carbon Moves is an acclaimed motion graphics and video production company that operates in Singapore, Hong Kong and Beijing. Their style is lush, modern and futuristic; distinct yet versatile.

Their expertise extends to end-to-end content creation, encompassing 3D & 2D animation, motion graphics, video and film production, and static imagery. Their significant projects include an immersive digital display for Guardian and an animated video collaboration between Creed Fragrances and Robbi.

6. Editlounge

Editlounge motion graphics company

Editlounge is known for their prowess in motion graphics and animation. They offer an array of services including kinetic typography, environment building and bespoke designs. With a focus on diverse projects such as explainer animations, digital influencer testimonials, graphic design, and commercial production, Editlounge’s portfolio serves as a testament to their ability to handle an assorted range of projects effectively.

Their skills shine through in their creation of attractive visual content, earning them key clients like Deloitte, National Geographic and Shell.

7. SuperPixel

Superpixel motion graphics company

SuperPixel believes in turning every story into a visual masterpiece. Using cutting-edge animation and multimedia, they strive to breathe life into stories. Superpixel’s services range across animation, motion graphics, film, video, and interactive content, and are designed to transform their clients’ needs into effective solutions.

With clients across various mediums and platforms, SuperPixel caters to various businesses ranging from broadcast companies to branding and marketing agencies.

8. 2 BY 4 POST

2 by 4 post motion graphics company

An animation and motion graphics company, 2 BY 4 POST provides 2D and 3D animation, motion graphics and visual effects. They’re recognised for their ability to effectively communicate ideas through their compelling graphics, making them a solid choice for any project. From educational and informative videos to music videos and mixed media advertising, they are all about creating memorable content.

9. Offset

Offset motion graphics company

Offset, a boutique motion graphics design studio based in Singapore, is dedicated to pushing the boundaries of design for visual storytelling. Specializing in both 3D animation for hyper-realistic visuals and 2D animation for illustrative storytelling, Offset excels in crafting compelling narratives.

Beyond animation, they extend their expertise to content production for social media and digital platforms, and they provide comprehensive film production services. Their work is visually striking and builds an emotional connection with their audience.

10. Untitled Project

untitledproject motion graphics company

Based in Manhattan and Singapore, Untitled Project pride themselves in creating jaw-dropping immersive art experiences that dazzle, immerse and seduce. Their portfolio includes designing a virtual home for Airbnb, futuristic gyms for Nike and sonic circuses for Heineken.


Finding a company that suits your needs

While there are many motion graphics companies in Singapore, each one has its own unique strengths that meet different needs. To discover how CraveFX can help you with motion graphics, get in touch with us today!

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