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When it comes to telling a story, how content is presented holds equal importance to the quality of the content itself. Anyone will tell you that all the facts, figures and slick language in the world will not impact your audience without consideration of how it should be communicated. At CraveFX, our creative team of passionate designers combines extensive skills with animation, motion graphics and visual effects to bring stories to life and embody the values of businesses and organisations throughout Singapore.

Presentations, Explainers and Advertising

Imagine, for a moment, all the information you want to give your audience laid out in the same default PowerPoint template that you used last week. Boring, right? At CraveFX, we help businesses and organisations all over Singapore get their message across through animated infographics, presentation videos and explainers that are carefully designed to captivate the target audience. Whether it’s an explainer video for a new service, the launch of a brand new product, an educational piece for the community or anything else, we will turn your ideas into attractive and engaging visuals that are clear, concise and memorable.

Explainer Video Singapore

What Exactly Is An Explainer Video?

An explainer video is a short video that incorporates animated motion graphics to explain a business concept or idea in a simplified and engaging manner. This is accomplished through the use of simple, conversational language and striking visuals to capture the viewer’s attention.

An explainer video is at once informative and entertaining. It is extremely effective in clearly explaining a company’s offerings, how it solves a client’s problems and why the service/product beats out your competition as the best choice.

Work with us, and ensure your video outshines other corporate pieces in the Singapore scene.

Why Use An Explainer Video?

Making a video for your client, partner or customer is easy – but making sure it’s engaging and informative? Less so.

Businesses sometimes fall into the trap of cramming too much visual and audio information into the video. The visual metaphors selected also often fall short of the ideas they are intended to convey.

This is where we come into the picture. With our years of experience, we know exactly what you need to impress your audience – this translates into more leads and conversions. Animated explainer videos work on both your eyes and your ears – this  makes them doubly valuable for increasing information retention.

Why Choose Us For Your Video?

To put it simply, creating compelling advertising videos using truly unique concepts is what we do for a living. We genuinely love our job and will always put your ideas first so that the finished product is even better than you had imagined. Take a look at our showreel to see examples of our creations for businesses and organisation throughout Singapore, from cute and quirky infographic videos to sleek and professional advertisements.

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At CraveFX, we aspire to create top-notch explainer videos that illuminate.

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