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Top Motion Graphics Trends in 2023

motion graphics trend 2023

Eye-catching and affordable, it’s no wonder that motion graphics is a popular tool for companies. Relatively cost effective compared to live video production, motion graphics can easily help a business grow. The animation instantly stands out and effectively conveys complex ideas to audiences.

Motion graphics and visual effects studios are often enlisted to create high quality animation. Used in a variety of ways like social media reels, product demos and explainer videos, motion graphics are versatile and timeless – making them a great investment! To bring your brand to life, why not work with a Singapore motion graphics company?

To keep up with the changing tastes of audiences, motion graphics trends often have to keep evolving. Taking inspiration from past trends in recent years, here’s our prediction for the top motion graphics trends in 2023!

Realistic 3D Animation

3D animation is a powerful tool to create dynamic and visually striking and dynamic effects. It’s often used to create highly detailed and realistic environments, characters and objects. This makes it one of the best tools for creating a wide range of motion graphics, from realistic product demonstrations and architectural visualisations to fantastical worlds.

Hyperrealistic 3D animation also allows for the creation of interactive experiences, such as virtual reality and augmented reality, making it a valuable tool for immersive advertising and marketing campaigns. Now that technological advancements have made 3D animation more accessible and easier to create, expect it to be one of the biggest trends in 2023!

Return to 2D Animation

2D animation has always been popular in motion graphics but it’ll have a big resurgence in 2023. Compared to 3D, 2D animation is more affordable and it’s a practical solution for brands who just want to create a simple product demo or explainer video. However, this doesn’t mean 2D animation can’t be innovative and experimental. With 3D animation being a common tool, 2D animation offers a distinctive style that differentiates brands from their competitors.

Known for its hand-drawn, organic look and feel, 2D animation can create a sense of warmth and nostalgia – making it a potent force when combined with popular trends like retro marketing. The simplicity and minimalistic approach of 2D animation also makes it relatable and easy to understand.

Combining 2D and 3D

Want to create something unique, dynamic and visually interesting? Combine 2D animation with 3D! 2023 will see more brands marrying 2D and 3D animation in motion graphics.

Combining 2D and 3D animation in motion graphics allows animators to take advantage of the strengths of both techniques. For example, 2D animation can be used to create simple and stylized characters and typography, while 3D animation is used to create realistic and detailed environments.

Not sure how it works? Just look at how this Emirates video used 2D animation for a playful look and combined it with realistic 3D animation to create a believable backdrop for the characters. The result was a uniquely stylised video that was engaging to watch!

Using Bold, Vibrant Colours

It’s a no-brainer to catch the viewer’s attention with bold colours. It’s loud, energetic and it’s impossible to make a boring video with bold colours. Bright, bold colours are used in motion graphics to create visual contrast and draw the viewer’s eye to key information.

Not only do bold colours make the animation pop , it also establishes the mood of the video. For instance, using warm colours can create a sense of warmth and happiness while using cool colours evoke peace and serenity. A strong colour palette also helps in strengthening visual identity, giving brands a distinct look.

Blending Animation With Real Live Footage

For a more natural and relatable look, animation can be blended with real-life footage. By combining motion graphics with real-life footage, animators create a seamless transition between the real and the animated, making the overall experience more engaging and believable for the viewer. Big 3 Media is a video production company that does this seamlessly. With its realism, this technique is widely used in advertising, film, and television to enhance the visual narrative.

Now that Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) are becoming popular, expect to see a blend of real-life footage with motion graphics more frequently in 2023! In AR, real-life footage is often accompanied with motion graphics to add information, details and engaging animations. While it’s not groundbreaking, this experimental technique will greatly enhance the viewing experience for audiences.

Retro Animation

Retro design elements like vintage typography and graphics add nostalgia and familiarity to a design. This helps to evoke emotions and memories in viewers, making an animation feel more relatable. It makes a brand feel more approachable and connects them to their audience.

On the other hand, retro designs can also elevate a brand to feel more premium. Using vintage elements suggests a long legacy, which helps brands appear more authentic and credible. In most cases, it also adds a touch of luxury.

Retro designs can also feel more authentic and original. By using vintage elements in a modern context, it adds a sense of timelessness, which makes it more appealing to audiences.

Kinetic Typography

Remember lyric videos? That’s a form of kinetic typography! As you can see, it’s a technique that has been around for a while and it’s one of the most useful elements in motion graphics. Instead of static text, text is animated in a visually engaging and dynamic way.

Modern versions would include fluid or morphing transitions. Since it’s so essential and versatile, kinetic typography can be used in various ways, like in commercials, social media ads, or music videos. It’s often used to highlight key messages and slogans, creating a sense of movement and energy to add emphasis and rhythm to the words.

For a cohesive and engaging experience, it’s best used with other forms of visual and audio elements. Though it’s one of the oldest trends in motion graphics, kinetic typography is set to stay in 2023!

Morph Transitions

 Morph transitions will remain a strong trend in motion graphics.


They’re just so damn satisfying to watch! It’s a smooth transition between elements, keeping the audience engaged and entertained. Morph transitions also create movement and fluidity, which helps audiences better visualise how different concepts flow together.

The versatility of morph transitions, combined with their visually engaging nature, makes them a popular choice for many motion graphic animators and marketers.

Liquid Transitions

Liquid transitions have become increasingly popular in motion graphics due to their fluid and organic feel. The movement of liquid can create a sense of calm, flow, and fluidity, which is especially effective when used to convey unity or harmony.

Liquid transitions also offer a great deal of creative flexibility, as they can be manipulated to take on a wide range of shapes, patterns, and motions. This allows designers and marketers to create transitions that are both visually appealing and emotionally impactful.

With more breakthroughs in liquid animation, especially demonstrated in how Avatar 2 broke the frontiers of CGI with groundbreaking water technology, expect to see more liquid transitions in animated videos!

Glitch Transitions

To market to Gen Z, some brands are looking for edgier aesthetics, which explains why glitch transitions are experiencing a surge in popularity.

It’s an unexpected transition and glitches often entail unpredictability or chaos – effectively catching viewers’ attention. Glitch transitions are also reminiscent of aesthetics like cyberpunk, making it perfect for marketing to a niche audience.

Additionally, liquid transitions are often used to create a futuristic or technology-driven feel, which can be especially relevant for certain types of marketing campaigns like this video by Heinz!

Want to incorporate the latest trends in your motion graphics?

At CraveFX, we’re constantly experimenting with the latest trends in animation. As technology continues to advance, it will be interesting to see how these trends continue to evolve and influence the future of motion graphics.

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