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Top 10 Animated TikTok Accounts You Should Follow

TikTok logo animation

With over a billion active users, TikTok is the world’s biggest platform for short-form content, making it a perfect home for animation. If you’re on the lookout for a splash of animation in your feed, you’re in for a treat!

We’ve curated a list of the top 10 TikTok animated accounts that are set to take your scrolling experience to a whole new level. From character-driven narratives to visually satisfying animation, these creators have mastered the art of making every second count.

As a Singapore animation studio, we know how important it is to create engaging content. Creators even enlist the help of visual effects studios to make stand-out content on TikTok.

However, it takes time to work on animations and most animators may even wonder if it’s worth posting animated videos on TikTok.

Whether you’re a die-hard animation enthusiast or someone looking for a daily dose of inspiration, here’s our list of the top 10 animated TikTok accounts worth following!

1) @king.science

As one of TikTok’s most popular animators, KingScience reigns supreme with nearly 9 million followers. Their iconic character sports blue jeans, a hoodie and a yellow crown. It’s such a distinct look that helps viewers easily recognise KingScience videos, thereby strengthening their presence on TikTok.




♬ dance by deyluvkirby – KiRBY

Moreover, KingScience’s content is bright and engaging, occasionally incorporating trending TikTok sounds. Their ability to blend comedy with animation also helps them establish a connection with viewers, establishing a community of loyal followers.

With a style that seamlessly blends humour, storytelling and pop culture references, KingScience is a must follow animation account on TikTok.

2) @nutshellanimations

Meme aficionados, rejoice! Best known for bite-sized animated memes, Nutshell Animations is the biggest TikTok animation account as of 2023, with over 24 million followers. Part of why their content does so well is their ability to put a comedic spin on trending sounds.


POV: you live in a iHome #comedy #funnyvideos #memes #animation #animationmeme

♬ original sound – MattHadouken

Their content feels fresh while staying relevant, and the snappy memes constantly attract new viewers. Nutshell Animations’ daily posts are a prime example of the merits of TikTok consistency – posting regularly on TikTok keeps the audience engaged, entertained and eager for more.

3) @justinrasch_official

Previously a senior animator at Blizzard Entertainment, Justin Rasch has 27 years of experience in animation. On TikTok, he shares some of the intricate animation processes that go on behind-the-scenes. Through his videos, Rasch pulls back the curtain on the world of animation, offering a behind-the-scenes peek into the artistry that drives the magic.


Got another timelapse of me animating from the @gdtreal pinocchio ….timelapse shot @ptszk … this one clearly shows how stop mo animation is not meant to be seen from different perspectives besides the camera lens. off axis outsife of the screen. #animation #magic #pinocchio #guillermodeltoro #stopmotion #justinrasch #spazzatura #shadowmachine

♬ Sweet Dreams (Are Made of This) – 80s Super Hits

Using a series of timelapse videos, Rasch compels viewers with his stop-motion animation techniques, revealing the labour-intensive process that brings characters to life. These glimpses into the animation process aren’t just eye-catching; they’re also educational, providing a deeper understanding of the craft.

One of the highlights of Rasch’s TikToks is the results of his work – clay puppets that are animated with painstaking detail.

But Rasch doesn’t stop at TikTok. His strategic cross-platform approach extends to YouTube, where he shares his completed animations. By first giving his TikTok audience a taste of the process, and then directing them to the finished product on YouTube, Rasch generates a curiosity that drives viewers to explore his content further.

4) @maddiwinter

Marrying live action and animation, Maddi Winter’s dance TikToks often include animations that make every move she makes look more visually satisfying, dynamic and impactful.


even learned how to fly on that broom! ( overall edit time: 36 hours🎃👻 )

♬ Spooky, Scary Skeletons – Andrew Gold

If you want to study how you can combine the beauty of movement with digital innovation, Maddi Winter’s account is a must-follow.

5) @thelandofboggs

As one of Buzzfeed’s most recognisable animation projects, The Land of Boggs blew up on the internet with their trove of lovable characters. The most recognisable would be Boggo, an introverted light blue bogg. She’s often accompanied by her extroverted orange friend, Boe.


Anything’s good with me! #boggs #animation #food

♬ original sound – The Land Of Boggs – The Land Of Boggs

Fans of the series can expect two new videos every week, which is an impressive feat from the animation team. The brightly coloured characters from The Land of Boggs were designed to be drawn quickly while staying recognisable. Beyond having easily distinguishable designs, it was also important that the characters have distinct personalities that viewers can relate to.

Because of their simple designs, the animation team was able to focus on animating elaborate movements to make the videos more entertaining.

If you want quick light-hearted videos about friendship and other feel-good vibes, tune in to Land of Boggs!

6) @victordemartrin

If you’re looking for visually satisfying 3D animation, Victor de Martrin is the animation TikToker you should follow. His trending videos involve synchronising metal ball movements to popular songs that everyone knows and loves. The result is a mesmerising loop that will leave you wanting for more.


#mario #satisfying

♬ original sound – Victor de Martrin

De Martrin’s other videos also feature his experimentation with visual effects and computer-generated imagery (CGI). While De Martrin’s TikTok feels like a testing ground of sorts, his realistic animation is an impressive testament to his skill as a 3D entertainer.

7) @weirdhelga

Another one of Buzzfeed’s animated projects, Weird Helga was created in 2018 to chronicle the weird yet comedic life of Helga. As a character-driven web series, Weird Helga covers themes of body positivity, women’s issues and relationships while retaining its off-beat humour.


How does this happen?? Crust first??? animation food

♬ original sound – Official Helga & Honey – Official Helga & Honey

Fun fact – Weird Helga’s creator, Lizz Hickey was also the one who designed the Boggs! Hickey created Weird Helga as a form of affirmation and reassurance to her viewers that life is indeed very weird. With over 6 million followers on TikTok, this creative decision has certainly paid off.

8) @jankyandguggimon

Janky and Guggimon are animated celebrities from Superplastic. Their loud, bold 3D animations and style pay homage to different elements of pop culture, from movies, music to iconic characters.


ITZ TOUGH BEING THE HAWTEST PRIZE ⚡️😈 #jankywasfirst #arcade #gamingontiktok #gaming

♬ money trees – 🍪

Most notably, Janky and Guggimon are best known for their appearance on Fortnite, a popular video game. Their success on TikTok has also propelled them to greater heights – they recently signed a $20 million dollar deal with Amazon to produce their own animated series.

9) @abnormalchaos

Like many of the animation accounts on this list, Abnormal Chaos incorporates humour while staying deeply personal.


Right before #pridemonth ends, I got another one for ya 🏳️‍⚧️💞💅 #ForYourPride #animation #art #digitalart #foryou #trans #transgender #pride #QueerTok #lgbtq

♬ same shadow slay – Narvi

As a transgender creator, Abnormal Chaos’ content touches on topics like body dysmorphia, mental wellness and queer pride. Her videos are light-hearted and they have certainly struck a chord with her viewers as most commenters would also share their experiences with queerness and gender dysmorphia.

10) @noodle_and_bun

A viral web series, Noodle and Bun follow the adventures of a cat, pug and mouse. They get into various antics on TikTok and with their recent appearances on Britain’s Got Talent and America’s Got Talent, the trio has only gained more popularity.


Work smarter not harder! #noodleandbun

♬ original sound – Noodle

To catch a glimpse of the liquid cat, follow Noodle and Bun on TikTok!

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