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How Motion Graphics Can Help A Business Grow

motion graphics grow business

If you dabble in the digital arts or simply have your finger on the pulse of the tech universe, you might have heard of a little something called motion graphics. Now, the term itself often gets overshadowed by the overarching category of “animation”, and though you won’t be trialed for confusing the two, being aware of their nuances will let you choose the ideal fit for your business needs.

Animation encompasses a broad scope of drawn pictures that are granted movement. The heart-wrenchingly emotive, wide-eyed faces from Pixar Animation Studio and the impassioned textures in Arcane LoL’s animation style immediately spring to mind. The motion graphics animation that we speak of, though, goes for something different. It features digitally-drawn design elements that are simple and clean-cut (think of popular infographics styles), and when placed in a professional context, marries creativity with the practical need to convey information. From transforming the metaphysical to moving the viewer, you’d be surprised at the versatility of motion graphics.

Capture the abstract

When we talk about selling and buying, our first instinct is to automatically assume a transaction whereby the product literally exchanges hands. But what if the product in question isn’t exactly… well, touchable? What if you’re in the business of offering people a service like, say, internet security or team building? How does one adequately and convincingly capture the essence of an abstract concept devoid of shape or form? Motion graphics does just that through symbolism. Putting aside convoluted narratives driven by human characters, motion graphics create a tangible medium for the intangible, introducing ideas via shapes, iconography and texts. This Facebook campaign designed by Singapore motion graphics company CraveFX demonstrates how universal icons such as emoticons and ‘like’ buttons, can be integrated seamlessly into a coherent piece of animation that solidifies the abstract concept of connectivity and interaction.

motion graphics facebook

Get with the times

Changing times herald changing tastes. The inseparable nature of our modern relationship with the digital world signals a large shift in the way we process and appreciate content. Now more than ever, people look towards marketing videos that prove their digital adeptness. Since digital drawing and animation aren’t exactly commonplace skills, adopting motion graphics in your design brings a sense of novelty to the table and elevates your branding.

Take a peek at this McDonald’s commercial: one part explainer and one part promotional video, the graphics used here match the Big M’s iconic colour palette and art style. Its animations glide smoothly across engaging transitions, guiding you through a step-by-step crash course. After watching the clip, you’ll no doubt be navigating the app as if you’d had it snug in your pocket for years.

Art of efficiency

Want to know another great thing about motion graphics? It’s gentle on your marketing budget without compromising on quality. No actors, no sets, no camera crew. Can you hear your budget team sighing in relief? Cutting out these extra costs means you have the space to streamline your production even further. Focus on refining your graphics and sourcing a suitable voice actor if need be. And if your voice happens to fit the profile, why not give it a try yourself?

On the other end of the production-to-consumption process, your final product offers viewers a breezy watching experience. Let your vision flow through to your digital art style, but be sure to keep it short and snappy. Know your target audience well. Graphics are a great way to engage a younger audience, especially if they are predisposed to choose entertaining cartoons over lengthy texts.

Connect with your audience

Your more concrete milestones for business-related media often boil down to SEO and click-through rates, yet it is the intangible measure of emotional connection that will determine your long term success; move your audience’s hearts and triumph, fail to do so and fall. You may be thinking that motion graphics can’t do much in this arena—aren’t plain shapes and flat animation all but alienating? On the contrary, motion graphics are anything but dull. Made right, they provide efficient audiovisual creations that speak volumes.

The idea that people see more in what is hinted at, rather than what is explicitly shown, isn’t just a myth. With motion graphics, the passive observer becomes an active participant. Simple designs and animations prompt creative and critical thinking on your audience’s part as they ponder over the symbolism winking at them through art. Share The Meal has a video that is beautiful in its simplicity. Swift transitions and quirky graphics draw the eye, paired with a bell-like child’s voiceover that underscores the poignancy of its social message to help end poverty and world hunger.

Feast for the senses

As mentioned before, the modern consumer is one of the toughest to please. But don’t be so quick to mourn the fact that your media campaigns have all but exhausted the tricks up their sleeves—creating a motion graphics video is a surefire way to drive up those watch times and engagement figures. Like any other intriguing video campaign, motion graphics promise a multi-sensory experience that caters to a vast range of audiences, no matter their preferred method of information consumption. Whether or not someone is inclined towards visual stimulation or auditory engagement, motion graphics opens up a space whereby both are possible, all packaged nicely with an element of whimsy. Looking for a more professional touch? Share your project ideas with one of the top animation studio in Singapore and we will help realise your dream!

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