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On 13th October, Twitter added a custom “Like” animation on their platform for Apple’s “Hi, Speed” event. The animation features numerous concentric circles with a heart in the middle to promote the Apple event.

It’s speculated that the circles represent the brand new HomePod mini and AirTags.

This isn’t Apple’s first time using Twitter’s “Like” animation to promote their event – they’ve done so for their previous “Time Flies” event.

Apple is just one of the many popular brands that include animation as a staple component of their marketing strategies.

Read on to find out how other companies use animation to promote their campaigns.

Animation – Versatile and Effective

Animation can present itself in a plethora of forms – they can be used for brand logos, looping gifs, social media visuals, advertising videos and so on.

With animation, the possibilities are endless!

Out of the different variants, logos act as the “heart” of brand identities. A well-designed logo is supposed to embody the brand’s character and leave a lasting impression on their target audience.

Nike does a great job at this – the prominence of their “swoosh” logo is unquestionable.

Every now and then, they’ll create different variations of this iconic logo to keep their brand image fresh.

Source: JUST Creative

The eye-catching logo adopts the concept of negative space to create a stark contrast with the vibrant colours featured in this smooth looping animation.

If you’re a frequent user of Shazam, you’d know that the handy song-identifying application excels in terms of both functionality and aesthetics.

The pulsing glow around the logo mimics the waveform animation commonly seen in music player applications so that users can associate the app with its function at a glance.

Source: Oleg Turbaba

Great marketing content isn’t limited to impressive animated logos – cost-effective yet impactful content can come in the form of a simple video.

Using animated videos to introduce complex concepts in an engaging manner can help consumers to learn about your brand and the products or services you offer easily.

Here’s a piece we did recently for Energy Market Authority, a company which provides secure and reliable energy supply to the masses.

For their #Life247 campaign, we produced a set of looping 3D animations to demonstrate how energy powers our everyday lives.

When it comes to content-heavy topics, technical terms and long-winded descriptions of products or services are a huge turn-off for viewers with short attention spans.

One tip for prolonging the target audience’s watch time is to keep things simple.

By incorporating animation, you can create easy-to-digest content.

It can be something as easy as using motion graphics for a seamless transition to the next scene or text. This gives the viewer an impression that the video is succinct and before they know it they’ve reached the end of the video.

Sometimes, even animated infographics may contain too much information to absorb in a sitting – especially if the video is about certain governmental schemes or implementations.

How we dealt with this while working with Asatsu-DK was to compile all the important points and present them in a concise but entertaining fashion via a mini storyline.

Using Animation The Right Way

Though there’s no definite foolproof way to create the perfect animation, there are some tips that can help you produce a captivating animated piece to promote your brand.

For starters, the powerful impact of storytelling in an animated piece can certainly leave a lasting impression on viewers.

It allows viewers to form emotional associations with a brand and forge a deep connection between the viewers and what is being advertised. This is especially so when the animation touches on a relatable topic.

Think about the kind of emotions you want to evoke in your audience. Then, plan the storyline and video flow to make sure the animated piece has the potential to appeal to your audience.

For example, you can add a heartwarming touch to an otherwise sensitive topic like this:

To help reduce the stigma towards depression, we came up with a video depicting the symptoms of depression through the appearance of characters to help viewers understand that the intangible symptoms of depression have real, tangible effects on sufferers.

Using 2D animation, we created a story through the perspective of a young girl going through depression who was eventually able to overcome it after receiving professional and communal support.

Creating a tearjerker isn’t the only way to establish a connection with your audience –  adorable characters and a touch of humour can make your brand’s corporate video just as memorable!

Here’s a comedic animated piece featuring cute characters to introduce Suki-ya to potential customers.

Even if you’ve never tried using animation to promote your brand, it’s easy!

Simply approach an experienced animation studio to craft and produce appealing content for your audience.

At CraveFX, we can’t wait to bring your ideas to life in a remarkable animated piece.

Get in touch with us and we’ll be happy to give you advice on what kind of animation is most apt for your needs. Fret not, we can also suggest different styles based on the animated video production cost you’re most comfortable with.

Let’s get started!

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