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Disney’s animated shorts have never failed to impress; over the years they’ve managed to create award-winning pieces that moved the masses.

Source: Disney Fandom

Tick Tock Tale, Feast and Paperman were a few among the many that swept the audience off their feet with their heartwarming and memorable screenplay.

Paperman was the first animated Disney short to be awarded an Oscar in 43 years, while Feast earned itself an Academy Award for Best Short Film.

Disney’s remarkable capabilities are revered by many when it comes to their animated shorts and they’re planning to tug on our heartstrings once more with their upcoming animated theatrical short, Us Again.

It’s their first new animated short in five years since Inner Workings, which was shown with Moana in cinemas.

Rekindling juvenescence

The story features an elderly couple, Art and Dot, who relive their youth and rekindle their passion for life on an enchanting night, dancing and escaping the reality of ageing.

As the two dance away with the bright lights of a vibrant city in the backdrop, they are harked back to a lifetime of fond memories and ambitions.

Us Again is a short tale animated completely without dialogue and follows an original funk and soul musical score.

Us Again will be released in cinemas worldwide and on Disney+ starting March 5, and will be featured right before Disney’s latest animated short, Raya and the Last Dragon.

How everything came together

The six-minute animated short was directed and written by Zach Parrish, who was the head of animation on Disney’s Big Hero 6, and will be produced by Brad Simonsen, the digital producer behind Ralph Breaks the Internet and Zootopia.

It’s a deeply personal project for Parrish, who’s experiencing the physical limitations of ageing as he approaches mid-life, as well as his grandparents who began living their lives differently as age caught up with them.

Parrish roped in award-winning composers and choreographers to put forth a relatable and heartwarming tale of two elderly folks through animation.

Dance is used to express the concept of youth through the elderly couple. To achieve this, Parrish invited Keone and Mari Madrid – world-renowned dancers/choreographers who have previously collaborated with top music artists like Justin Bieber, Kendrick Lamar and Billie Eilish – to produce a dance number for the short.

He also brought in highly commended composer Pinar Toprak behind Captain Marvel to create a musical fantasy.

The crux of the experience Us Again seeks to create is the harmony between animation, dance choreography and music. The combination of all these elements working in tandem brings storytelling and the elderly couple’s endearing relationship to life.

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Parrish’s brilliant vision, devotion and spunk as an animation filmmaker motivated him to create this inspiring and beautiful animated short.

The main learning point

When it comes to storytelling through animation, the ideas that can be explored are limitless.

Us Again invokes a series of nuanced emotions through animation and music alone.

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