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Animated Videos on TikTok: Is It Worth Posting?

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As the dominant platform for short-form content, TikTok attracts users with snappy, entertaining videos. Built to entertain, animation is the perfect medium for TikTok.
From storytelling to explaining complex concepts, animated videos are a versatile way to present information.

Unlike other social media platforms, you don’t need a wide following on TikTok for your videos to go viral. TikTok’s unique algorithm curates content based on users’ interests and behaviours, pushing content out to people who may not follow you. This makes TikTok one of the best platforms to reach out to new audiences.

However, animating videos takes time. As a Singapore animation and motion graphics studio, we know how tedious animation can be. For complex animations, creators may even enlist the help of visual effects studios. So, is it worth posting animated videos on TikTok?

Why You Should Post Animated Videos on TikTok

  • Animated videos stand out more on TikTok
  • Bite sized animations require less time and energy
  • Experiment and collaborate with other animators
  • Monetise your animations on TikTok

Animated Videos are Attention Grabbing

The majority of TikTok’s content is live-action, giving animation a distinctive edge. Animated videos are more likely to capture viewers’ attention, with their unique art styles, bright pops of colour and entertaining storytelling.

Animation also allows creators to express their creativity in ways that cannot be replicated through live-action. Whether it’s impressive hyper realistic 3D animation or nostalgia-inducing 2D characters, animation allows for an escape from reality. Creators are free to explore ideas, skits, and stories in a unique medium that compels viewers to watch till the end.

Standing out amongst a sea of content is essential for TikTok’s fast-scrolling viewers – animation is one of the best ways to do it.

Save Effort with Bite Sized Animation

bite size animation
The optimal length for TikTok videos is around 10-17 seconds, with views declining if a video is longer than 15 seconds. TikTok’s need for speed requires videos to be short and straight to the point, which is great news for animation!

Animating longer videos takes up significantly more time. This puts animators at a disadvantage on platforms that favour long-form content, like YouTube. Bite-sized animation will not only perform better on TikTok, it also requires less time and effort.

TikTok also rewards consistency, recommending creators to post 1-4 times a day to maximise their chances of being noticed. Meeting this benchmark is not easy but with shorter videos, animators on TikTok have more capacity to upload frequently, improving their visibility.

Collaborate With Other Animators

TikTok’s built-in features allow for collaborative projects, where animators can interact with other creators. Features like duets and stitches let creators respond, remix or enhance each other’s content. Utilising these tools can help animators amplify their content to a wider following.

Moreover, these dynamic interactions often act as creative prompts which gives animators more room for experimentation. Animators can respond to another video with an animation of their own, like this example below.


#duet with @jonslayyy #cosmo I literally cant unhear it now 🤣😭🤣😭 #animation #animationtiktok #animations #characteranimation #fairlyoddparents #2danimation

♬ Just Give Me a Reason (feat. Nate Ruess) – P!NK

Enlisting the help of AI, animators are also animating trending live-action videos, captivating more viewers.


Space Rave – Credit to @Blazy #rave #dance #anime #trance #space #galaxy #aiart

♬ som original – Blazy

This interplay between animation and live-action content generates engaging, hybrid content that resonates with diverse audiences.

Through duets, stitches, and partnerships with other TikTok creators, you can showcase your artistic prowess and contribute to a realm of collaborative creativity.

Earn Revenue from TikTok

tiktok revenue animation
Monetise your animation on TikTok! Through brand sponsorships and affiliate marketing, animators can use TikTok as another source of revenue. Brands may also be more inclined to collaborate with animators due to their distinctive animation style, which helps the brand stand out.

Animators can also earn revenue through TikTok live streaming. 62% of live stream users watch TikTok LIVE everyday, which provides animators with a sizable demographic to create content for. TikTok LIVE provides animators with an immediate source of income when live stream viewers send animators virtual gifts, which can then be converted into cash.

With enough following, animators can also release merchandise or directly sell commissions to fans. Of course, animators can also use TikTok as a way to market their services and create custom animations for other businesses or creators.

Challenges of Posting on TikTok

However, just like any creative endeavour, there are challenges associated with diving into animation on TikTok.

Consistency Challenges

If you’re new to animation, it can be daunting to consistently produce eye-catching animation. Animation has a steep learning curve and amateur animators are bound to face creative challenges along the way.

However, this is a common challenge that most new animators face. Use TikTok as a form of practice and develop the confidence to showcase your animated content to a global audience.

Avoid ambitious projects at the outset and maintain a posting schedule that’s manageable. With time, you can build up a consistent presence on YouTube.

High Initial Effort and Time Investment

Animation, while rewarding, demands a considerable upfront investment of time and effort. Unlike live-action videos that can be captured in a single take, animation involves a series of painstakingly crafted frames.

While the results can be visually stunning and deeply satisfying, be prepared for the initial time investment required to master the craft. However, with the future of AI and animation, this process seems to be getting easier.

Lack of References

In a platform dominated by live-action content, finding references and benchmarks for animated videos can be a challenge. Unlike live-action creators who can draw inspiration from a vast pool of existing content, animators might need to chart their own path through experimentation.

This lack of references can make it harder for animators to anticipate what resonates with their target audience. However, this challenge also presents an opportunity for innovation. Experimentation and thinking outside the box will push you to break new personal ground for your animated content.

As you build your animation portfolio, you’ll gradually amass your own references and discover what captivates your viewers.

For inspiration, take a look at what these TikTok animators have been doing!

Examples of Successful TikTok Animators

1. Nutshell Animations


YEEAAAH!! #comedy #funnyvideos #memes #animation #animationmeme

♬ оригинальный звук – black_SLAVE

Known for their meme skits, Nutshell Animations is the biggest animator account on TikTok, amassing over 25 million followers.

2. Weird Helga


pizza donuts have taken over my life!! #animation #weirdhelga

♬ original sound – Official Helga & Honey – Official Helga & Honey

Weird Helga surrounds the life of Helga and her weird but relatable day-to-day antics. Featuring simple 2D animations, Weird Helga is a popular social media web series.

3. Victor de Martrin


#harrypotter #hedwigstheme #satisfying

♬ original sound – Victor de Martrin

Get the ASMR tingles when you watch metal balls hit xylophones and stay perfectly on beat. If not for the rhythmic precision, it’s hard to tell that these hyper realistic videos were 3D animated.

Verdict: Worth It!

All the world’s a stage and TikTok should be your new one. The platform’s unique attributes, collaborative opportunities, and dynamic audience make it a worthy canvas for animators. If you’re looking to post animated content on TikTok and skilled animators, contact us and let us help you!

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