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10 VR Marketing Examples Every Marketer Should Know in 2022

The digital world as we know it is changing. Fast. We’ve all witnessed the groundbreaking emergence of Facebook Meta and AR, and just when you think you’ve well and truly explored every available nook and cranny in the field of technology, VR (Virtual Reality) comes along and shakes things up once more.

So, what’s VR?

VR which is different from AR, is basically like watching your average 2D video, with ten times the immersion. Typically accessed through your smartphone or a VR headset, this virtual realm exists in a literal 360-degree “space” which allows the viewer to turn and interact with their surroundings at will.

With such an immersive medium at hand, it’s no surprise that companies are upping the ante in their digital marketing as well. In addition to contacting a top AR VR company in Singapore for ideas, be sure to check out the following VR creations for more inspiration!


The high fashion brand has carved out a remarkable niche for itself in the digital space with Dior Eyes. Like all Dior products, these VR goggles ooze opulence, offering the wearer a luxurious 360-degree view of equally luxurious fashion shows. Meant to raise awareness about fashion consumption, these goggles let you lounge beside the industry’s top models, stylists and designers in real-time.

The New York Times

VR has revolutionized documentaries, unlocking a whirl of technical possibilities that were used to be idle dreams. The New York Times’ debut VR documentary The Displaced takes the viewer on a unique journey through the war-torn countries. Knowing about a war victim’s suffering is one thing, but looking directly into their eyes and witnessing their pain firsthand is a whole other heartbreak. The level of intimacy and rawness in the documentary couldn’t have been achieved without VR.

Theme Park Review

If you still have any doubts about the arrival of 2022, VR theme parks definitely prove that the future is indeed here. Want to hop onto the famous Superman Roller Coaster ride? Save yourself a plane ticket to Texas and simply check out the promotional video on Theme Park Review’s channel in VR360 form! What’s great about this immersive style is that it offers a first-person, in-depth trial of a thrilling ride that mere 2D footage does no justice to. Yes, it’s not exactly how you’d feel on the actual ride, but it provides you with an experience that’s close enough (not to mention the fact that it saves you from the dizzy aftermath).


Your average childhood bedtime stories just got a major glow up. Putting a new spin on traditional storytelling, Samsung’s Bedtime VR Stories app lets parents bring tales of wonder to life in a more vivid and interactive manner. Kids can step into their favourite fairytale worlds and physically engage with the settings and characters, encouraging a love of reading and an affinity for imagination.

National Geographic

National Geographic foreruns a new era of photojournalism with VR. Capturing the melancholic effects of COVID-19 around the world, Lockdown Around the World documents the emptiness of cities across five continents in an informative yet artistic piece of VR. We are transported to major, once-bustling locations and allowed an unobstructed 360-degree view of their desolation during lockdown, causing viewers to feel the full force of loneliness brought upon by the pandemic.

20th Century Fox

If you’ve ever dreamt of becoming a potato farmer with Matt Damon on Mars (because let’s face it, who hasn’t?), then The Martian: VR Experience lets you do just that. This trailer/minigame promotes the movie in a whopping 25 minutes of surreal space exploration, giving viewers a feel of what it may be like to live as aliens.

Paramount Pictures

We’re all familiar with typical BTS reels, but the VR trend seems to be giving them a literal 360 degree twist. Granting fans an all-immersive tour of the set and production process, Mission Impossible Fallout: 360 Behind the Scenes is a transparent look at the superhuman stunts and effects that gave the franchise its impressive name, no doubt marking a significant shift in filmmaking and spectatorship.


Star Wars: A Rogue One’s cinematic experience did not just end when its credits rolled. Fans of the franchise and car enthusiasts alike were treated to an extended Star Wars adventure when Nissan announced the launch of its Rogue vehicle line with a never-before-seen 3D experience. A 360-degree video plunges you into an active battleground straight out of the Star Wars universe – you witness Nissan Rogue’s cutting-edge features and impressive design elements firsthand, admiring the car as it takes you on an exhilarating ride. Swerving amongst hordes of stormtroopers and rogues, this is a heart-dropping experience not unlike a 4D attraction you’d find at the amusement park.

Brave Wilderness

VR tech isn’t only for super-rich mega corporations. Wildlife lovers over at Brave Wilderness opened up a whole new dimension on their YouTube channel with this VR180 video of them catching a Giant Mud Dragon. Instead of just being talked to by the channel host, we are now active participants on the adventure; we can move our phones laterally and pan to wherever we choose to focus our attention on, at any point in the video. This creates the illusion that we are just another one of the gang on the hunt, exploring the unknown environment and keeping our eyes peeled for obscure swamp creatures.


ASMR has been around for quite awhile, with time slowly chipping away at its novelty. How, then, do such niche content creators keep their videos competitive and fresh? In one of ASMR Suna’s videos, the YouTuber switches things up with a VR180 video, allowing viewers to swivel left and right to get a fuller glimpse of her backdrop. This grants an otherwise passive viewer more autonomy in controlling their point of view (we’re no longer limited to just what the creator chooses to keep within a static frame). It’s as if we’re face-to-face with the speaker, engaging in a more intimate conversation—what better way to encourage loyalty and connect with your subscribers?

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