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What is an Interactive Video?

You’re probably familiar with traditional video, you click “play” to start, with options to pause, rewind and fast-forward. An interactive video gives your viewers the ability to interact with the video content, creating a game-like experience. If you ever wanted to engage with your audience better, this is the technology for you. Expand your video strategy with interactivity!

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The CraveFX team comprises art directors, developers, 3D generalists, motion graphic artists, illustrators, animators, designers, and producers. This means we can easily take you from concept to final render in the creation of captivating videos & designs.

Our close-knit team works together under one roof to ensure rapid turnaround and visual consistency. Years of expertise allow us to capitalize on the best software, technology, and techniques in the production of world-class content. Be it all things animated, large-scale production-mapping, or even simulated stop-motion; we’ll help your ideas take wing.