Engage Audiences in Singapore and Beyond with Augmented Reality

The media landscape is ever changing — every day we see new platforms, new formats and new ideas when it comes to engaging audiences. At CraveFX, we have always strived to remain at the forefront of the latest technology in the industry, and have expanded our services into the development of augmented reality apps.

Combine reality with your own virtual effects

This new approach to advertising, education, utility and entertainment has literally transformed the way we see the world. The process involves taking the view of a camera on a smartphone, tablet or other device and augmenting it with graphical overlays, characters or other visual effects for a compelling blend of reality and virtual objects. The result? Anything you can think of! We can program your mascot to appear in the room at a moment’s notice, design an addictive game that promotes your brand or develop an intuitive graphic to assist in the use of one of your products.

Because of the unique nature of this technology, there are nearly limitless ways in which it can be applied. Whether you have an idea already or need help with inspiration, we can work closely with your objectives to create something you can be proud of.

Find out more

To discover how we can help innovate your business or organisation and take you to the forefront of augmented visual technology in Singapore and abroad , contact us today and one of our experienced team members will provide you with more information.